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Guild Fest Guide

Events are integral part of Lords Mobile, and Guild Fest is the most important them of all. It is a week long event, unlike other events, rewards list of the Guild Fest is exuberant. More your guild advances in gauntlet, more reward tiers are unlocked.

With all the top guilds require more points to score in Guild Fest, for beginners and intermediate players, it is extremely important to complete their quests efficiently. Yes efficiently, because there are some quests that take ages to complete with the average number of points, while there are quests that can be completed in a matter of some minutes if not seconds, with higher points.

Lets discuss the quests which are worthy and which are not, and how to complete them

1. Complete Phase 3 Hell Events.

Hell events, as the name indicates are extremely hard to complete, take this quest only if your bags are exploding with Speed Ups or if you do not mind spending real money and that too a huge sum.


2. Rank 10 or 70 in Hell Events.

Negative, is the first word I can think of with this quest, but again.. attempt if your wallets allow or may be, if you are nearing a finish of very high point research, yes I am talking about those researches with 4 million research points. Keep in mind these quests come with multiple instances to complete


3. Rank 10 or 70 in Solo Events

No, again no. This quest looks compelling, traps you in thinking that, you have completed solo events without breaking a sweat, even have achieved Rank 1 a few times, but guess what? this is Guild Fest, with staggering amount of 600+ kingdoms and millions of active players, many of them are fool enough to attempt top ranks and failing miserably.


4. Meet a Gemming Gremmlin in Kingdom Tycoon

Another quest for p2p players only, because luck tokens are not only expensive, you need to roll the dice multiple times to get a chance to meet gemming gremmlin. But if you have spare gems, it is an easy task to complete.


5. Encounter Labyrinth Guardians

One of my favourite quests, rewards a huge number of points, on top of that if the quest coincides with special event that gives away rare materials for your gears, this quest is not be missed. Make sure to use Normal instead of Elite Labyrinth, and check your bags if you have enough Holy Stars to complete the quest.

Ideally 5000 Holy stars are enough to encounter the boss (Labyrinth Guardian), as there are 17% chance of getting gemming gremlin. However, you may end up spending your whole lot of Holy Stars without saying Hello to the boss.


6. Get Dark Essences

Get Dark Essence

Easy quest, good points. Look for quests with 6 Essences. Target Level 1 Darknest to quickly complete the quest, or just take part in any on going Darknest rally. Remember to make some room for Dark Essence in your Transmutation Lab, because If slots are full any victory against darknest will go in vain without any count.


7. Win Darknest Coalition Battles (Rally Captain only)

Target level 1 darknest to complete the quest, ask your guildmates to send 1 troop. However, during guild fest most of the players are busy in gathering resource tiles and may have maxed out their army size or do not have troops available for your rally.


8. Hit Monsters

Hit Monster

Check your bags for the energy, open up your calculator to do little maths if you can hit the required number of monsters.


9. Clear a Full Lv.5 Resource Tile

Clear Level 5 Resource Tile

Heavily depends on your kingdom and the overlord’s guild, if they do not mind others collecting level 5 tiles, it is a good quest to take on. However, there are hurdles:
1. Level 5 tiles require huge number of troops.
2. You have to completely clear a tile in one go.
3. In a busy kingdom, level 5 tiles are hard to find.
If you do not know, level 5 tiles are found only near base, open up kingdom map to jump directly to the base, or enter co-ordinates: x:256, y:512
Have a look at our guide on gathering resources efficiently to make this task as easy as pie. We also have created a calculator on resource gathering


10. Gather Timber/Food/Stones/Ores/Gold

Easy quest, keep in mind the points before taking the quests as these quests comes in different variations, starting with 68 points and go as high as 172 points. Higher points quest requires whopping amount of resources to be collected in a short period. Look at our guide on gathering resources efficiently and resource gathering calculator.


11. Supply Timber/Food/Stones/Ores/Gold

Check your castle to see if you have enough from items (bags) before taking up this quest. You can also ask your guild mates to send the resources back to you if you are short of resources.


12. Complete Guild/Admin Quests

One of the easiest and quickest way to complete your quests is to do Guild/Admin Quests, but make sure you have enough Quest Scrolls, scrolls can also be bought from Guild Coins.

13. Complete VIP Quests

Easy but time taking quest, you can open only a limited number of VIP chests per day, for VIP 11 it can take upto 3 days to open 10 VIP Chests.

14. Open Mystery Boxes

Yet another easy but time taking quest, however do not take the quest on the 6th day, it may take more than two days to open 40 mystery boxes. Efficent way to complete this task is to make use of the alarms.

15. Cargo Ship Trades

Comes with different variations of points, if you do not mind doing low points quest, take the one with 8 trades. The highest points quest takes at least 3 days to complete if you sleep for 8 hours, and do check your game frequently. Moreover, Totempest Familiar can be extremely helpful in completing this quest.


16. Send helps to your guildmates

For a new kingdom with small castles, this quest is a piece of cake, as everyone in your guild is trying to grow rapidly, but for open kingdoms this quest can create a serious headache. To complete this quest ask your guildmates to spam help. Be helpful to your guildmates when they are seeking spam help so you can get a return favour.

Efficient way of spam help is to level up a small level building past the ‘Free’ upgrades until you get ‘Help’ button enabled, once you receive ‘Help’ from the player doing the quest, cancel the upgrade and upgrade it again.


17. Increase Might (Buildings)

Increase Might

As you may know by now that Buildings do not possess notable amount of might, but there are hidden treasures. You may be thinking I am talking about the buildings that require special materials (Soul Crystals, Steel Cuffs, War Tome, Crystal Pickaxe), though these are among the buildings you should look to upgrade. But wait, there is another building which do not require special material, but only tons of resources, yes the Infirmaries are your hidden treasures for might, you can build multiple infirmaries to increase might.

Take a look at the list of High Might Buildings that do not require much of speed ups to upgrade.
p.s. Equipping yourself with construction gears can help you save a great amount of speed ups


18. Increase Might (Quests)

Increase Might

Only take this quest if you have saved pile of turf quests. Unfortunately, Lords Mobile only show a few of the quests in the list, making it impossible to calculate the might you can collect from all your pending quests.


19. Increase Might (Research)

Increase Might

Pretty straightforward quest if you use our Research Calculator and count your Speed Ups


20. Incease Total Might (Not from wounded troops)

Read point 17,18 and 19 – Additionally you can train troops to give a quick boost to your might

21. Spend Holy Stars, Gems, Luck Tokens, Guild Coins

I save my guild coins and gems for the Guild Fest, these quests are inarguable the quickest to complete. If you are an f2p player, spend gems only to buy special materials for the buildings, that require Academy lv. 25 upgrade. For Holy Stars Quest, I prefer to spend my Holy Stars on Encounter Labyrinth Guardian quest, that offers more points rather than this worthless quest.

22. Heal wounded soldiers

Worthless quest, which need staggering amount of healing with very low points.

23. Train Soldiers

Not worthy of wasting time and quest, because it usually grants very low points on training large number of troops.


24. Time reduced using speed ups

Use our Speed Up calculator before attempting this quest, especially the quests that requires Merging Speed Ups

25. Colosseum Battles

Bonehead familiar can be a great aide in this quest. Complete the remaining battles by buying battles with gems.

26. Get a Random Quest

With random quest, you can be assigned with any of the quest randomly. Check the list of random quests for Expert and Master gauntlets.

27. Research Tech

Just do any small researches from academy to complete this quest. Usually, it is a low point quest, so do not bother if you want to rank high up in the guild fest.

28. Gain Familiar EXP with EXP items (not inclusive of Fragments)

Gain Familiar EXP

Quick and Easy quest, check if you have enough EXP potion and EXP elixir before attempting this quest. To check EXP items, open Monster Hold building, Select any monster, and click on the red plus button.


29. Merge Pacts

It is one of my favourite quests, very easy to complete, better than speed up merging quests, grants decent amount of points for 100 pacts merging. Just equip up with Mystic Box and other merging speed boost gears, and start merging Pacts 1A or 1B.

30 Use Familiar Attack Skills

There are quite a few familiars have attack skills, but there only two f2p familiars with Attack Skills, Pyris (Pact 2B) and Grim Reaper (Pact 4). Before taking up this task, make sure your familiar is upgraded to Elder stage, and you already have a merged skillstone.

31. Forge Equipments

Easy task with less number points only. Pretty straightforward as the name suggests. Just forge the required number of gears and you are good to submit the quest. Look out for smaller level gears if you do not have enough materials.

Some other quests that are straightforward and do not demand a discussion are listed:

32. Complete Hero Stages
33. Merge Skill Stones
34. Increase Might (Hero Armies)
35. Colosseum Rank Up

Full list of guild fest quests.

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