How to win Darknest Rally in Lords Mobile

Darknest rally in Lords Mobile is a fun way of testing your battle and attack skills. Winning darknest rally is not about number of troops you send into the battle. It’s about the correct troop formation you send. Since troops do not die in darknest rallies, neither do your leader gets captured, you can try different strategies.

Dark Essence

On winning the darknest rally, everyone in the guild who is taking part in the rally is rewarded with dark essence. Dark essence are classified into 30 different levels. Each essence level has different rewards. Higher the dark essence level, greater are the rewards.

You can transmute the dark essence in transmutation lab to convert them into rewards. Check our list on Dark Essence Rewards.

Scouting the darknest

Lords mobile has classified darknest into 6 different levels by difficulty. Choose the darknest, according to your guild’s might. For example, If you have unlocked tier 5 troops, but most of your guild mates do not have tier 5, winning the level 6 darknest becomes extremely difficult.

First of all, start by scouting the darknest. Scouting report reveals quite a useful information about the darknest, scouting the darknest does not activate your battle fury or disable your shield. Study the scout reports that how many troops darknest have, check the troop tier, troop type and troop formation, size of the wall, type of traps, the darknest leader and the heroes, and most importantly dark essence level you are going to get as a Reward on winning the darknest rally. Moreover, you can research Intelligence Report under the military tree in the academy to get more revealing reports by scout.

Darknest Leaders

As you can use Leader and Heroes to boost your skills. The darknest in Lords mobile are also boosted with Leader and Heroes according to the troop type of the darknest.

Make sure to go through our list of Lords Mobile Darknest Leaders.

Troop Composition

The most important factor to win Darknest in Lords Mobile is the troop composition. If you do not know already, Cavalry counters Infantry, Range counters Cavalry and Infantry counters Range. Siege engines are usually not required, but siege engines target wall and traps on the wall.

Troops Formation

The easiest darknests to take down are the ones with one troop type. With the correct counter type it does not matter that how many troops darknest have. You can easily win those darknests even with the lower number of troops.

However, If you want to counter the darknest with two troop types, these troop formation will be helpful.

Infantry & Range

To tackle infantry and range troops type, send infantry to ace the darknest. Your infantry will counter the range troops and the enemy’s infantry will be equaled out by your infantry.

Cavalry & Range

To tackle cavalry and range troops type, send range along with 10% – 20% of cavalry troops. Why some cavalry? because if you send only range troops type, enemy troops jump off the wall, and it’s cavalry troops act as infantry to slaughter your range troops. Sending 10% cavalry troops will allow you to take down the wall, keeping the enemy’s cavalry troops blocked from reaching your range troops.

Cavalry & Infantry

Send an attack with cavalary troops!

Troops Counter

Darknests having 3 different types of troops are tackled by sending counter troops of the strongest enemy’s troop type. For instance if a darknest has strong one troop type, weak other troops type, send counter with one troop type. In case of a darknest having two strong troop type, send the counter of those two strong troops type. For Example if a darknest has strong cavalry and range with a few infantry, in this case, send mostly range troops with a few cavalry. In the same way, if darknest have an equal distribution of troops type, send equal distribution of troops. Additionally, keeping an eye on traps type can give you a good hint on the type of troops you should send.

Army Lineup

Army Lineup plays an important role when sending more than one troop type, with Army Lineup you can set your troop in order. To do that, in your Lords Mobile game profile, check army lineup drills to understand which army lineup you should select.

An easy hint is to set cavalry phalanx if your army consists mostly of the cavalry troops, infantry phalanx for the infantry troops and the ranged phalanx for the ranged troops

Army Lineup
Cavalry Phalanx

Heroes and Leader

Unless you are not running easy rallies to complete your Guild Fest or Guild Bash quests, always send your leader to get benefits from the gears and talents. Choosing the right heroes are equally important for the attack, send only battle-heroes with army boosts skill. Especially change your leader according to your troops type. Make sure your leader is the strongest among the other heroes you have selected for a powerful attack. Check our tool to find lords mobile heroes by their skills.

It is preferable to send Heroes with Army Atk skills because they boost all type of infantry, ranged and cavalry atk. Such as, Rose Knight, Bombin Goblin, Watcher & Chaos Dragon are the free heroes to boost Army Atk skill. Rose knight additionally boosts your Cavalry HP skill, or if you have managed to upgrade your Watcher to golden, it boosts your Army Max HP skill

Gears, Talents and Boosts

Boost your army skills by equipping war gears and by setting your talents to war mode to win the rallies efficiently. Setting talents back and forth, from growth to war sets can be expensive for many, make sure to turn the turf boosts to get the atk / def boost to overcome the lacking in the attack.

You can also use Army Size Boost to increase your army size.


Familiars with awaken talents, has made higher level darknest rallies way easier than before. Sending Gemming Gremlin, Trickstar & Goblin familiars boosts the attack to the next level, sending them to level 19+ dark essence t increases the chance of victory even for blue-purple gear equipment.

Gemming Gremlin’s army talent of Fear Spike, Trickstar’s army talent of Long Shot and Goblin’s army talent of Booby Prize at level 10, increases Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Atk by 100% when 10% of your troops have fallen. That is not it, this effect stacks up every time 10% of the troops are fallen. This boost can increase your ATK by 1000%

Read our full guide on Lords Mobile Familiars Army Talent (Coming soon)

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