How to gather resources efficiently

As you start growing in Lords Mobile, one of many hindrances you may face, especially if you are an f2p player, is the shortage of resources. Keeping that in mind we have decided to pen down this guide to gather resources efficiently. This guide will also come in handy to complete your Guild Fest Quests and KvK.

Basics of Resource Gathering

As you may already know, there are 5 types of resources available in Lords Mobile – Food, Timber, Stones, Ores and the Gold. Foods are available in abundance while Gold is the rarest of all the resources. Each resource tile is divided into 5 level of tiles, Lv.1 tiles are smallest in resources while lv.5 tiles are super huge.

Stuff to remember

  1. Cavalry troops travel the fastest, while siege engines are slow crawlers.
  2. Siege Engines can carry more resources, while cavalry cannot carry much of weight.
  3. Lower Tier troops are faster in travel, but carry less resources.
  4. All Troops gather resources at the same speed.
  5. More the Army Capacity you have, lower the amount of troops you will require to gather tiles.
  6. Higher the level of tiles, faster the gathering speed.
  7. Gold tiles are slowest, Food tiles are fastest to gather.

Boost the gathering

There are four steps, you should take to boost your gathering speed.

Gathering Talents (Upto +117%)

Reset your talents, set Gathering I, Gathering II, Max Load I, Max Load II to the maximum of talent points. Gathering I,II increases gathering speed, while Max Load increases Army Capacity (need lower amount of troops to gather more resources)

Gathering Gears (Upto +85%)

Equip with Gathering and Army Capacity gears. You can search for the best gathering gears from your workshop, filter the gears by gathering speed or army capacity. I prefer the following gears:
‘Electric Lance’ for main hand [ Gathering Speed, Army Capacity, Travel Speed ]
‘Noceros Mask’ for Helmet [ Gathering Speed, Army Capacity, Travel Speed ]
‘Regal Platemail’ or ‘Lightning Guard’ for Armor [ Army Capacity ] or [ Gathering Speed ]
‘Craggy Greaves’ or ‘Seafarer Cleats’ for Legs [Gathering Speed] or [Army Capacity]
‘Gryphon’s Talon’ for Off Hand [Army Capacity]
‘Ivory Choker’ in all 3 of Accessories. [Travel Speed]Gathering Gears

Gathering Boost (Upto +100%)

Turn on the turf boost for gathering, if you do not have any gathering boost, it can be purchased using guild coins. 50% gathering speed boost is for 30,000 guild coins for 24 hours and 127,500 guild coins for 7 days. 100% gathering boost are often offered as Guild Fest Rewards

Research (Upto +110%)

Last but not least, Researches provide unmatchable boost to resource gathering. Look for following trees in Academy to research Resource Harvesting, Weight Training (for Army Capacity), Ration Run (for Travel Speed)
1. Economy
Resource Harvesting I
Weight Training I
2. Army Leadership
Resource Harvesting II
Weight Training II
Ration Run I
3. Sigils
Resource Harvesting III
Weight Training III
Ration Run II
4. Wonder Battles
Ration Run III
5. Upgrade Military
Gathering Priority

Resource Gathering Stats

Data in the table below do not consider any gathering boost.

For more calculations, check our Resource Gathering Calculator. I hope this guide will help you gathering resources efficiently, do write your tips in the comments section.

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