Guild Bash

What is Guild Bash ?

Guild bash is an event of Lords Mobile, which require team work from guild to earn Guild Bash Challenge points. These points allows you to summon special event monster.


There is no reward for individual player for scoring top rank, instead points scored by each guild member, will be contributed to the overall guild points.

There are 3 stages of Point table in Guild Bash Challenge called Crest

Stage 1640,000 Points 1 Monster
Stage 22,560,000 Points 2 Monsters
Stage 36,400,000 Points3 Monsters

By earning more points, and reaching all three stages, each guild can summon max 6 monsters.

There are four ways to earning guild bash points:

Darknest Challenges:

The most interesting part of guild bash is to run darknest rallies to earn points. Since there is a limit of darknest challenges to earn points in guild bash, you can only earn upto 2,510,000 points by killing darknests.

LimitPointsTotal Points
150 Rallies6,000300,000
240 Rallies10,000400,000
330 Rallies17,000510,000
420 Rallies30,000600,000
510 Rallies70,000700,000

Keep in mind that individual points from running darknest rallies are awarded to rally captain only. Read our guide on Darknest Rallies.

Hell Events:

Completing hell events, rewards 16,000 points for each event. After you have completed all of your darknest challenges, Hell events are the surest way to reach Crest 3. Read our guide on Hell Events.

Hunt Monsters:

Who does not love killing monsters? With Guild Bash when everyone is looking out to get more points, planning out to kill higher level monsters with your guild members is a great fun. Combine it with the Monster Hunting Hell Events to get extra points on completing Hell Events.

Monster LvHit PointsKill Points

Check out which heroes are more effective to kill monsters. Also check our monster hunting calculator, to find out how many hits are required to kill the monster.

Donation Box:

You can also earn guild points by donating materials to donation box. Only throw the stuff that you do no require, keep in mind, with game ever evolving, nothing is useless. Check out Materials to Gear page before donating anything to Donation Box.

With the name Donation Box, you may be wondering where do all the stuff from donation box go? answer is, nowhere. It should be renamed as Trash Can instead of donation box.

Summoning and Killing Monster

After winning monster crests, guild can summon Guild Bash monsters. Only R4 and R5 can summon these monsters. Summoning a monster will give all guild members a Summon Bonus, which can be found in guild gift box. If you change guilds after the event starts, you will not be able to summon Monsters, or earn Summon Bonuses and Slayer Loot

When summoning monster most important thing to note that, anyone from the kingdom can kill the monster, and an annoucement is made in Kingdom chat that attracts hunters from other guilds to steal your monster.

To prevent the steal, summon it when most of your guild players are online to secure the last hit. Do not summon monster in your hive, choose a new location and relocate there to summon monster. Leave one spot in the hive for the monster, spot next to the one who is going to summon the monster, setup the camp all around the hive.

Keep in mind, consecutive hits to the monster increase your DMG boost. Try to get as high dmg boost as you can. If anyone tries to steal the monster, plan out the final killing blow in a way that it does not leave any HP to the monster. For example, if your DMG boost is allowing you to hit 5% with each hit, do not attempt to hit monster when it is around 6%, it may leave the monster with 1% after your hit, and it can be easily stolen.

The player who lands the killing blow, scores Slayer Loot for its guild. Players do not get individual rewards from hitting or killing the monster. Hitting the monster requires only 1 energy, and you cannot multiply the DMG Boost, that you can do with the regular monsters.

Check out the list of gifts you can win from Summon Bonus.

Summon Bonus

100,000 Gems1
10,000 Gems1
Speed Up (7 Days)1
Speed Up (3 Days)1
Speed Up (24 h)1
Speed Up (15 h)1
Speed Up (8 h)1
Star Scroll10
Star Scroll3
Bon Appeti Chest70
Bon Appeti Chest 20
Saberfang Chest70
Saberfang Chest 20
Terror Chest70
Terror Chest 20
Ember Chest10
Ember Chest 5
Ember Chest 2

That’s all for now, enjoy Guild bash!

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