How to Win Guild Showdown

How to win Guild Show Down


Guild show down in lords mobile is an event, where you can test your battle skills without actually going into the battle. None of your troops get killed or even wounded in this event. You can register to Guild Show Down by clicking on Hell/Solo Event icon when you are viewing your turf.

The most powerful way to dominate your opponent is to select only one type of troops, either they are infantry, range or cavalry. But if you do not have enough troops of one type, send the combination of either, infantry- range , infantry – cavalry or cavalry – range. Be mindful not to send siege into guild show down battle, since there is no wall to demolish. I am listing down the steps you should follow to increase your chances to win the event.

Guild Show DownTips

  1. Send only one type of troops, if you do not have enough troops of a single type, select combination of two troops type.
  2. Select the heroes that increase war statistics of your selected troops type. For example do not send Trickster, it only boosts Army Size
  3. Equip yourself with War Gears according to the type of troops you have selected.
  4. Reset your talents to War Talents, specifically to the type of troops you have selected. If you are sending mix troops type, focus on Squad Offence I and II, Squad Defence I and II and Squad Health I and II.
  5. Turn on your Army ATK turf boost before registering for Guild Show Down.
  6. You can capture some prisoners to add Prison Boost.
  7. Also you can execute prisoners to add Altar Boost.
  8. Additionally, you can enable Battle fury by scouting a near by castle to get an extra edge on your Army Atk Boost.

Be aware, Turf boost for Army size do not work in guild show down. Guild show down automatically boosts your army size by 50%

If you have any other strategy, please share in the comments section below

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