Dragon Arena

Dragon Arena Lords Mobile Overview

Dragon Arena is the most loved event in Lords Mobile! why? because it let you take part in the real fight, without endangering your troops. Dragon Arena is an upgraded version of Guild Showdown. Playing dragon arena, helps you in real war strategy, gaining experience what real wars look like, how war of wonders are fought and more.

Dragon Arena is not a properly scheduled by Lords Mobile yet, it appears on Fridays (or Saturdays for some timzones), after every week or two weeks. Guild leaders are given choice to select from different Time Slots suitable for their guild members. Dragon Arena is played in a separate special kingdom, where you can migrate using one free ‘Relocator’.

Requirements of Dragon Arena

Only the guilds with 30 and more members can take part in the event. There are some requirements for players to take part in Dragon Arena, that look so dumb, but it has some technical grounds which obviously is not the topic of this guide. Lets look at the player requirements.

  • No wounded troops in your Infirmary
  • No troops outside your turf
  • No damaged traps
  • Fully repaired wall
  • No battle fury
  • Guild with 30 members
  • Castle 17

Dragon Arena Map

Dragon Arena Map
Dragon Arena Map

Dragon Arena Overview

Once you migrate to Dragon Arena’s kingdom, your castle is placed in protected area. Being in protected area, you cannot be attacked or initiate an attack. However, you can join Rallies and send reinforcements to Strongholds.

Buildings Schedule

Dragon Arena is 60 minutes long event, first five minutes are waiting period. During this period you can prepare for the war. Setting up the talents and gears, activating boosts, strategizing the war. Do not forget to have a close look at your opponent, who are their rally leaders and how many of them are taking part in the Dragon Arena.

After five minutes, as the battle starts, Outposts are opened for occupations. For advanced league, transporters buildings are also opened during this period.

After ten minutes, remaining buildings of Hot Springs, , Ancient Remains, Citadels & Caravans are also opened for occupation.


Once all buildings are opened for occupations, caravans starts spawning from Dragon Altar. It takes 3 minutes for caravan to reach each stronghold. When caravan reaches an stronghold, the guild who is occupying the stronghold get more points.

Building Guild Points

You need to hold building for 3 minutes to start getting occupation points per minute. There is no required occupation time for points awarded on caravan pass, if your guild have occupied building just a second before the caravan pass, your guild will be getting the caravan pass guild points.

Building First Occupy Guild Points Guild Points per minute Caravan Pass
Outpost 1,200 240 9,000
Transporter 1,200 240 9,000
Hot Springs 3,000 600 9,000
Ancient Remains 3,000 600 9,000
Citadel 6,000 1,200 15,000

Solo points for Dragon Arena are also awarded to the players who have enforced the strongholds

Building Occupation Boosts

Occuping Hot Springs building, gives you healing speed boost by 50%. Occupying both Hot Springs will increase your healing speed by 100%. Healing soldiers do not require resources in dragon arena. Keep note, any wounded troops in dragon arena is automatically healed at the end of dragon arena.

Occupying Ancient Remains buildings, gives you Army Atk boost by 50%, that makes Ancient Remains the most important building to win Dragon Arena. Occupying both the Ancient Remains adds 100% Atk boost.

Dragon Arena Rewards

In Dragon Arena, both fighting guilds get the rewards. Winning guild gets the Victory reward, while losting guild gets Consolation Rewards.

Rewards are distributed after the Dragon Arena event ends. Players must not leave the guild to get their rewards.

Dragon Arena Guild Rewards

League Victory Consolation
Newbie League 40,000 Guild Coins
1 x 50,000 Gold
20,000 Guild Coins
Beginner League I 70,000 Guild Coins
2 x 50,000 Gold
30,000 Guild Coins
Beginner League II 100,000 Guild Coins
3 x 50,000 Gold
50,000 Guild Coins
Intermediate League I 120,000 Guild Coins
2 x 100,000 Gold
60,000 Guild Coins
Intermediate League II 140,000 Guild Coins
3 x 100,000 Gold
70,000 Guild Coins
Advanced League I 160,000 Guild Coins
4 x 100,000 Gold
80,000 Guild Coins
Advanced League II 170,000 Guild Coins
5 x 100,000 Gold
80,000 Guild Coins
Expert League I 180,000 Guild Coins
3 x 200,000 Gold
90,000 Guild Coins
Expert League II 180,000 Guild Coins
4 x 200,000 Gold
90,000 Guild Coins
Master League 180,000 Guild Coins
2 x 600,000 Gold
90,000 Guild Coins

For Solo, earn checkpoint rewards by reaching checkpoints, which includes Dragite, Winged Boosts, Resources, Speed Ups & Army Boosts.

With 600 dragites, you can redeem a card for Boommeister hero.

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