How to increase Travel Speed in Lords Mobile?

If you are tired of watching your troops crawling on the map, this guide is for you. There are eight types of different travel actions available in Lords Mobile, travel speed for each action can be boosted by different researches, gears and familiars.

Here is the list of travel actions

  • Troops Travel
  • Gathering Troops Travel
  • Supply Troops Travel
  • Allied Troops Travel
  • Monster Hunter Travel
  • Darknest Coalition – Army Travel
  • Darknest Coalition – Troops Travel
  • Wonder Travel Speed

Troops Travel Speed

Troops Travel speed is applied on all type of travels, ranging from gathering troops to monster hunter travel. There are several ways to increase troops travel speed, but the easiest way is to forge Gears for Travel Speed.

Gears for Travel Speeds

  • Electric Lance, Ripper Claw [Main-hand]
  • Noceros Mask, Beast Helm
  • Untamed Boots, Champion Boots, Champion Greaves, Champion Stride [Legs]
  • Ivory Choker [Accessory]
Travel Speed Gears

Apart from forging gears you can head to academy to research Quick Maneuvers I (+70%) under Military Tree, Quick Maneuvers II (+30%) under Upgrade Military Tree.

You can also fortify your castle to increase travel speed upto 10%, You need Star Scrolls to fortify your castle. Click on your castle to fortify.

Travel Speed also increases by VIP Level, with VIP level 15 you can increase your travel speed by 10%

Gathering Troops Travel Speed

Additionally, to increase travel speed for your gathering troops, you can train familiar named Yeti. With Yeti you can add 25% travel speed to your gathering troops.

Supply Troops Travel Speed

To increase supply troops travel speed, train familiar named Beastmaster. You can get Beastmaster from Pact 1B. With Beastmaster you can add upto 25% to your supply troops travel speed.

Monster Hunter Travel Speed

Have you ever seen someone hunting monsters in lightning speed ? travelling even faster than your scout? They are equipped with Monster Hunting Gears and Swift Hunter Jewels. Unfortunately Monster Hunting Gears are available from paid packs. Look out for Monster Slayer and Monsterbane Pack to get the required materials to increase monster hunter travel speed. Moreover you can select Slayer Chest reward from the Guild Fest

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6 thoughts on “How to increase Travel Speed in Lords Mobile?”

    • My curiosity is I am level 9 research I’m darkness travel speed 4 join in and rally captain. Another player who joined is only at 40 million might I am at 225 and t4. And he is faster than me. He says his research is only level 1. So how can this be

      • If you look at each troop level, you can see that higher level of troop type, lower travel speed they are at. If your troops includes T4, then you would travel at lower speed than another with full T1 troop.


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