How to spend Lords Mobile Gems and Guild Coins?

Currencies in Lords Mobile

Like every other online game, Lords Mobile also have multiple currencies available. Gems being the premium currency, are a bit harder to get for free, as compared to the Guild Coins. You can use both the currencies to buy different items from Gem Mall and Guild Shop.

Guild Coins Before Castle lv.25

Before Castle lv.25, or I would say before Golden Lunar Flute, use all your guild coins in purchasing [Rare] Material Chests. You should also consider getting your three of your Mystic box and Sentinel’s Circlet to Golden

Guild Coins After 3 x Golden Lunar Flutes

After upgrading lunar flutes, mystic boxes and sentinel’s circlets to golden. Best use of guild coins are to purchase 25% Resource Boosts, 25% Gathering Boosts and 10% Pact Merging Speed Boost. With the rest of guild coins, [Rare] Jewel Chest are considered good purchases, but drop rates of good attacking jewels are very rare.

Gems Before Academy Lv.25

Before Academy lv.25, you should save all your gems to buy special building materials for special buildings Altar, Prison and Battle Hall.

Gems Before T4

Once you have reached academy lv.25, save your gems for 30 days speed ups to complete your Military researches. Keep in mind that, 30 days speed ups gives you best value against your gems compared to any other speed ups.

Gems After T4

After unlocking T4, before you empty up your gems, make sure you have bought enough 24h, 3d shields. Other than shields, most people use gems to train hundreds and thousands of troops quickly and some of them keep gems safe for GuildFest’s Hell Events quests and Bargain Stores. If you are short of rare material, buying luck tokens and holy stars can also be useful.

Gems vs Guild Coins Conversion

The price calculation of Lords Mobile is quite confusing, for example [Rare] Material Chest is available for 1500 Gems in Gem Mall, and for 9,900 Guild Coins from Guild Shop, that makes us believe that 1 Gem is around 6 or 7 Guild coins. It is wrong, because, Shield (8h) can be bought in 500 Gems, but in Guild Shop, it has staggering price tag of 150,000 Guild Coins, that makes 1 Gem equals to 300 Guild Coins.

Remember to always purchase Migration scroll from guild coins when you collect 810,000 Guild Coins, as you may face any difficult situation in your current kingdom and you might need to migrate to any other kingdom.

Refer to the chart below to find which item you should buy with Gems and which you should buy with Guild Coins.
Green = Buy
Red = Dont Buy
Yellow = Equal Value

Lords Mobile Gems vs Guild Coins

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