8 Things you need to know to win Lords Cup

Lords Cup is a day-long event in Lords Mobile, where you can earn points by scoring goals, either by hitting the ball to the forts, base or the darknests. It is among those events that is least understood by the players, hence is not a requirement for most of the guilds (because they do not understand how to play it)

In the lords cup, balls spawns every six hours, for two long hours. Before you start hitting the ball, make sure to relocate to the Ball Zone. Ball Zone can be seen by clicking on the map. The first march towards the ball is slowest, which subsequently increases with each hit. I am listing down my tips to play lords cup efficiently.

Tips to play Lords Cup

  1. Relocate to Ball Zone that is also near to level 4 tiles, so you get a fair possibility of finding higher level darknests. Higher the level of darknest, more are the points you get.
  2. Train at least 20,000 t1, 40,000 t2 and 200,000 t3 cavalry before the event starts. You may ask why double of the requirements? because most of the times you need to send another march of same troops tier, before your old troops gets back to your castle.
  3. Make sure your fastest troops i.e. Cavalry are in barracks, and are not engaged in gathering resources or sitting idle inside the shelter. Hide your slowest troops i.e. Siege in shelter so they do not mistakenly engage in the marches.
  4. Equip your gears with travel speed gears to get a little boost in your marches. Travel Speed Gears gives you notable boost when you are hitting a new ball (50% Travel Speed vs 150% Travel speed? )
  5. Do not change your ball. Everytime you hit a new ball, you lose travel speed boost. Consecutively hitting the same ball gives boost to the travel speed.
  6. When you start hitting a new ball, always try to kick the ball towards your castle, so the next march takes a little lesser time to reach the ball.
  7. For new ball, Always select t1 and t2 troops for they being the fastest, and can saves you huge lot of time.
  8. It is not actually worth to take ball to the forts, It wastes lot of time, and chances of your ball getting stolen are very high. Even if you manage to hit the fort, you will have to take up a new ball and hit it at least 8 times before it warms up to the max of the speed. Taking up the ball to the base can be worth it, only if you manage to hit the base, because only one hit to the base can complete your Solo Cup.
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